Cupido in our Community

How We Contribute

In our changing local environment, David J. Cupido Construction Ltd. has discovered that a traditional approach to community engagement is no longer sufficient. As a leading construction company in Kingston, Ontario, we are committed to exploring new and unique corporate community involvement strategies to achieve meaningful results both internally and externally.

Developing a plan for modern community involvement has allowed Cupido Construction to rethink how we can contribute to the Kingston community. We continue to leverage every asset of our firm, including the knowledge and skills of our staff, to create value for both the community and the business.

Corporate community partnerships and cross-sector collaboration between different stakeholder groups are an important part of community involvement. True partnerships involve corporations and community-based organizations engaging in long-term relationship-building, joint planning and goal-setting, joint implementation, mutual accountability and mutually beneficial outcomes.

kingston community involvement with mayor mark gerretsen
David J. Cupido with former Kingston Mayor Mark Gerretsen

At David J. Cupido Construction Ltd., we believe that the workplace is the ideal environment to promote volunteerism, whether activities involve the entire team or simply encouragement for individuals to engage in the community. Giving employees an avenue to give back is important for morale and builds a collaborative and inspired team.

Being involved will ultimately improve the community for everyone in Kingston, not just Cupido Construction. As a member of the Kingston community, we strive to have a positive impact on Kingston to build a better community for all of us.

Community Partners

Knights of Columbus

Cat Fore Kids