Construction Management

As your construction manager, David J. Cupido Construction Ltd. oversees the project subcontractors, making sure that the work is done correctly, follows the plan, stays on schedule, and is free of unnecessary delays or setbacks. Such delays or setbacks may arise due to change orders and other up-charges. We are committed to always looking out for the best interests of our current and potential clients.

Working closely with other building specialists such as architects and engineers, as well as a variety of trade workers such as stonemasons, electricians, and carpenters, Cupido Construction Ltd. will schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes to ensure a productive and safe work environment. This results in projects that are completed on time and on budget with the right amount of tools, equipment, and materials. Projects may require specialist trades in everything from structural metalworking and painting to landscaping, building roads, installing carpets, and excavating sites.

Depending on the project, as your construction manager, Cupido Construction Ltd. may interact with lawyers and local government officials on your behalf.

kchc construction management weller ave
Construction Management at KCHC Weller Ave.

To maximize efficiency and productivity, David J. Cupido Construction Ltd. uses specialized cost-estimating and planning software to effectively budget the time and money required to complete specific projects. While most managers take a reactive approach to project strategy (identifying and solving unexpected issues and delays as they occur), Cupido Construction utilizes the latest technology and over three decades of experience to proactively identify and avoid potential issues before they become a hindrance. Cupido Construction is involved in all phases of the project including the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases as defined below.

  • Handling of construction documents, bidding, and construction administration
  • Evaluation of site plans
  • Seeking and soliciting bids from subcontractors; as well as negotiating terms with qualified subcontractors
  • Permits, inspections, and pre-project change orders
  • Ordering materials, and inspecting deliveries
  • Helping with cost estimating
  • Scheduling the subcontractors and monitoring their work
  • Troubleshooting job-site issues
  • Review and implementation of change order requests
  • Review of invoices and bills
  • Prepare and negotiate cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables
  • Select appropriate construction methods and strategies
  • Comply with legal requirements, building and safety codes, and other regulations
  • Report on work progress and budget matters to clients
  • Respond to work delays and other problems and emergencies
  • Reduce total project cost by overseeing competitive bidding, value addition where applicable, contract negation on merit, reduction in completion time and elimination of non-value scope and costs
  • Act as the central point of communication often resulting in seamless integration of project participants
  • With years of experience, Cupido Construction Ltd. will enhance quality control, minimizing chances of defective work or poor workmanship in general
  • Introduce cost reducing documentation controls such as insurance reviews, substantiation of invoices to ensure correctness, and negotiation
  • Under the disciplined scheduling of Cupido Construction Ltd., the project may be “fast-tracked” whereby the design and construction periods are overlapped to permit earlier start and completion dates
  • If you wish to be your own general contractor, but don’t have extensive construction experience or do not have the time to supervise the construction, then hiring Cupido Construction Ltd. as your next construction manager is undoubtedly the right move for you and your project. When challenged with a project that may rely heavily on subcontractor work and also require a good deal of coordination on the job site, Cupido Construction Ltd. offers flexible, cost effective, and proven solutions