Facility Maintenance

A single building encounters a broad range of facility maintenance issues every week, month and year. Regular preventive maintenance helps keep a clean, consistent appearance in your locations while optimizing functionality. Our facility maintenance program is designed to keep our clients’ spaces, structures, and infrastructures in proper working condition to prevent failure and degradation, while strengthening their appeal.

Because the unexpected is bound to happen, as your facility maintenance service provider, David J. Cupido Construction Ltd. is ready to repair any unexpected problems that occur. Our experienced carpenters provide regular and preventative maintenance and repair services that are tailored to each building and client’s needs. Our carpenters are responsible for all architectural issues (walls, doors, windows, and floors) as well as special requests such as mounting pictures, constructing display cases and banner installations.

st lawrence college facility maintenance
Facility Maintenance for St. Lawrence College

Assuming primary responsibility for all facility maintenance requirements is one of the core competencies that David J. Cupido Construction Ltd. offers. Dealing with several vendors to accomplish multiple repair and maintenance tasks can be time consuming – and cost consuming, too. As a proven single-source solution, Cupido Construction Ltd. can streamline the entire maintenance management process into a well-planned and consolidated model. For multi-location clients, the cost savings can be significant.

Cupido Construction Ltd. provides the resources, process and technical expertise necessary for construction and maintenance program management tasks such as roofing, handyman, and general construction maintenance and repair programs. Our construction department offers repair and replacement services that cater to the unique branding, color scheme and construction of your sites. Our capabilities are not limited by geography or industry group as our teams are tailored to the customer and their business.

Our facility maintenance program includes all aspects of emergency service, storm preparation, and preventative maintenance while adhering to local, provincial, and federal regulations and standards. If you have leaks, squeaks, breaks, graffiti or strange noises coming from closets or rooftops, Cupido Construction Ltd. will respond swiftly to your facility problems.

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